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Negligent shetland pony owner jailed for cruelty and neglect

A Shetland pony owner hiding behind a ‘veneer of respectability’ has been jailed for 12

What happens when a horse needs a CT scan?

THH talks to Asto CT about their new standing CT scanner When things go wrong

Shoeing wet hooves

Steve Butler, discusses the problems which occur when shoeing wet feet So it’s that time

Do all horses need shoes?

Farrier Ricky Gache Dip WCF ATF, discusses the question – do all horses need to be

What is laminitis, or founder in horses and why is it so dangerous?

Edward Busuttil DVM CertAVP(EM) MRCVS, explains why laminitis, or founder in horses, should always be

How important is it to shoe horses regularly? The hoof pastern axis and its effect on soundness

Kirsty Leśniak, SFHEA, PGCE, MSc, BSc (Hons), senior lecturer at Hartpury, explains her research into

New study to help identify ponies at high risk of laminitis

A new study led by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), in partnership with the Waltham

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