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How and when should I use a poultice on my horse?

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, discusses all things 'equine poultice' A poultice is described as a

Help my horse is bleeding

The Horse Hub asked equine vet Alex Paterson, about blood loss in horses – how

Does my horse have a horsefly bite or could it be an abscess?

The Horse Hub asks Equine vet Alex Paterson, how to identify and manage horsefly bites

First Aid Facts: Shock – how do you know if your horse goes into shock?

 Would you know if your horse was in shock? The Horse Hub asks equine vet

Equine eyes

First Aid Facts – in a new series The Horse Hub talks to equine vet

What is the normal temperature for a horse? Assessing the vital signs

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, explains why knowing what's normal can help you see when something’s

Abscesses, puncture wounds and tetanus in horses

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS, looks at the wounds that may have more ominous consequences Tetanus

Help my horse has mudfever what should I do?

The Horse Hub spoke to equine vet Alex Paterson for some top tips on treating mudfever

Hibiscrub™ – are you using it correctly?

The Horse Hub asked equine vet Alex Paterson, to explain why it is so important

What should I put on my horse’s wound?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS, looks at topical wound dressings, why, when and what, should we

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