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First foal from ‘Dover 26’ smuggled horses born

World Horse Welfare announces birth of first foal from ‘smuggled’ horses rescued by the Norfolk-based

What can we learn about our tack choices from a whole horse dissection?

Reproduced from a blog written by Louisa Maria Cuomo, here she describes some of her findings

Novelist Elly Griffiths to host Redwings Book Festival

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is hosting the charity’s first ever Book Festival headlined by best-selling crime

Score muscle wastage to help monitor horse health

A new equine muscle wastage scoring guide, co-developed by the SPILLERS™ brand, aims to help horse owners

Bill to ban animal export for slaughter introduced to Parliament

New legislation to end the export of livestock for slaughter and fattening has been introduced

The worst kind of privilege | When is it time to say goodbye?

Sophie Cookson from the BHS ‘Friends at the end’ team, helps us to understand the

The wall of death! Does your horse hate the vet?

Chris Keate reveals some tough facts when dealing with problem horses  How our horses behave

What is BEVA?

Christine Keate takes a look at The British Equine Veterinary Association Most horsey folk have

Appleby Fair – ‘the welfare of the horses is at the heart of the event’

Appleby Fair, the biggest annual Gypsy Roma and Traveller gathering in the UK, takes place

Boots and bandages – how do they affect my horse?

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, asks are boots and bandages a necessity or just a fashion

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