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What can we learn about our tack choices from a whole horse dissection?

Reproduced from a blog written by Louisa Maria Cuomo, here she describes some of her findings

How does controlled breathing calm a stressed horse?

We have all heard of the term ‘fight, flight, freeze’, indeed most people connected with

One small step for man

Christa Dillon brings a personal aspect to sports psychology Sports psychology has been used to

Confidence is a state of mind….

Christa Dillon, digs into our irrational but often all too real, fears The old adage

Break the stigma! Mental health in the equestrian industry

Christa Dillon introduces our mental health focus series The equestrian industry as a whole is

Woof Wear Polar Ice Boots

What does the manufacturer say … Woof Wear’s Polar Ice Boots are a practical solution

Anna and me

Sarah tells her story When our wonderful physio asked if I would write something about

Lunging horses

Veterinary Physiotherapist and Equine Coach, Chloe Mabbutt, discusses whether lunging horses should be part of

Mental health – how can we help ourselves?

Emma Hutchison, HorseBack UK, discusses how the exercises we do with horses, can also help

Depression in the equestrian industry

Christa Dillon asks – is it just mind over matter? Almost everyone involved with the

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