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Equine training and management

How can buckles, browbands and nosebands cause stress in horses and ponies?

Sue Stanbridge, reveals some insights as to why your horse or pony might be a

How to keep a horse hydrated

Briony Witherow, explains how to tell if our horses are well hydrated and why it

National survey reveals worrying trend due to cost of living crisis and the impacts of climate change

National Equine Welfare Council release the results from their latest cost of living survey Over

Documentary confirms that the horse meat scandal continues

World Horse Welfare expresses outrage at slaughterhouse cruelty revealed in RTÉ documentary and calls for

Seriously injured cavalry horses recovering well

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) has announced that the Life Guards soldiers and five

Negligent shetland pony owner jailed for cruelty and neglect

A Shetland pony owner hiding behind a ‘veneer of respectability’ has been jailed for 12

Saddle fitting – why template?

Louisa CUOMO Louisa Maria Cuomo Saddles, explains why she templates every horse and, what it

Why is rising on the correct diagonal in trot important?

Eva Marunova BHSAI PgDip BSc (Hons), explains why rising on the correct diagonal is so

First foal from ‘Dover 26’ smuggled horses born

World Horse Welfare announces birth of first foal from ‘smuggled’ horses rescued by the Norfolk-based

How to fit a bridle – Understanding the anatomy of the horse’s head

Sue Paine Independent saddler and bridle fitter, discusses how a poorly fitting bridle can impact

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