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Equine training and management


A Game-Changer in Equine Joint Care Ensuring your horse’s joints remain in top-notch condition is

Sweet itch

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, outlines how to tackle the seasonal misery of sweet itch An

Building muscle and condition: the nutritional perspective

Briony Witherow, defines ‘condition’ and outlines how to build muscle Topline is a term commonly

Fittening tips for horses

Spring is in the air and Sophie Pickard is looking at 'dusting off the cobwebs'

How intelligent is your horse?

Is your horse an equine Einstein? Assess their brain power with Harry Hall’s new intelligence

Welfare organisations investigate the cost of living crisis effect on horse keepers

Animal welfare organisations are calling on UK horse keepers to help them assess the effects

Why your horse cares about climate change

Ruth Dancer, Director at environmental sustainability specialists White Griffin Ltd, asks ‘why do horse owners

One small step for man

Christa Dillon brings a personal aspect to sports psychology Sports psychology has been used to

Score muscle wastage to help monitor horse health

A new equine muscle wastage scoring guide, co-developed by the SPILLERS™ brand, aims to help horse owners

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