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How does controlled breathing calm a stressed horse?

We have all heard of the term ‘fight, flight, freeze’, indeed most people connected with

The wall of death! Does your horse hate the vet?

Chris Keate reveals some tough facts when dealing with problem horses  How our horses behave

Talking all things equine hygiene – the mares

‘Who knew mares can get beans too – could this be why your mare is

Talking all things equine hygiene – the boys

The Horse Hub asks, why is equine hygiene so important? There are many reasons equine hygiene

Is spooking in horses genetic?

The “startle response” or “spooking”  in horses is reflexive – horses generally do not distinguish

My horse has kissing spines – is surgery the only option?

Edward Busuttil DVM CertAVP PgCertVPS MRCVS looks at the alternatives.

Headshaking in horses

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, looks at the possible causes of headshaking in horses  Headshaking in

Loading horses

Caroline Arnold, offers a holistic approach to the horses that say ‘no’ to loading How do

Equine psychology – an overview for coaches

Christa Dillon, discusses who’s responsibility it is, to advocate for the horse If we exchange

Out and about with The Horse Hub – Groundwork: Building strong foundations with your horse

Chris Keate, talks us through an inspiring day of practical learning Out and about with

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