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Sweet itch

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, outlines how to tackle the seasonal misery of sweet itch An

How can we prevent gastric ulcers in horses?

Briony Witherow looks at the nutritional management of EGUS in horses For every new piece

What is locking stifle in horses?

Ed Busuttil explains what happens when the horse's stifle locks The patellar lock mechanism provides

Vector-borne diseases – What are they and why are they a threat to our horses?

Chris Keate, discusses the increasing risk of exotic diseases to the UK equine population A

Winter respiratory conditions in horses

Rebecca Watson advises what to do if you horse has a winter respiratory condition During

What is elephant leg, cellulitis or lymphangitis in horses?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS discusses Elephant leg, cellulite & lymphangitis in horses; and what's going

What happens when a horse needs a CT scan?

THH talks to Asto CT about their new standing CT scanner When things go wrong

Atypical myopathy

Briony Witherow, discusses the latest advice and research into atypical myopathy Atypical myopathy (also known

Redwings strangles quarantine

A positive strangles test has led to quarantine precautions  at Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s Hapton site 

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