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How can buckles, browbands and nosebands cause stress in horses and ponies?

Sue Stanbridge, reveals some insights as to why your horse or pony might be a

Why is rising on the correct diagonal in trot important?

Eva Marunova BHSAI PgDip BSc (Hons), explains why rising on the correct diagonal is so

One small step for man

Christa Dillon brings a personal aspect to sports psychology Sports psychology has been used to

Confidence is a state of mind….

Christa Dillon, digs into our irrational but often all too real, fears The old adage

Balance – how does a lack of it create tension?

Liz Eaton BHSI, BHS Performance Coach, brings her insight into how horse and rider balance

How do we create lift and impulsion?

BHS performance coach Liz Eaton (BHSI), explains why it’s not all about the engine behind!

Equine psychology – an overview for coaches

Christa Dillon, discusses who’s responsibility it is, to advocate for the horse If we exchange

Out and about with The Horse Hub – Groundwork: Building strong foundations with your horse

Chris Keate, talks us through an inspiring day of practical learning Out and about with

Lunging horses

Veterinary Physiotherapist and Equine Coach, Chloe Mabbutt, discusses whether lunging horses should be part of

When equine training goes wrong: The problem of overfacing

In another excerpt from ‘The Sport Horse Problem Solver’ by Eric Smiley FBHS, he looks at

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