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Are horses becoming resistant to tapeworm drugs?

Austin Davis Biologics Ltd, makers of the EquiSal saliva test, have released new advice following

How to worm broodmares and youngstock

Diane Gilby, Technical Director at EPLA, explains why the usual rules don’t apply when worming

How do I know when and how to worm a horse?

Diane Gilby, Technical Director at EPLA asks, why do horse owners struggle to know when

Do you know how to worm your horse without playing Russian roulette?

Diane Gilby RSQP, Technical Director at EPLA asks do you know how to worm your

How and when to worm a horse

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, demystifies some common misconceptions

How to plan a strategic worm control programme

The Horse Hub talks to Westgate Laboratories to find the best approach to deworming our horses

What happens if I don’t deworm my horse?

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, gives us an insight as to what happens to our horses

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