How intelligent is your horse?

Is your horse an equine Einstein? Assess their brain power with Harry Hall’s new intelligence test

Have you ever wondered how your horse rates in the intelligence stakes? The equine specialists at Harry Hall know just what makes a horse tick and, they’ve used this knowledge to develop a new fun quick-fire Intelligence Test, to try to find the smartest horse in the UK.

Designed to help you determine just how clever your horse really is, the test comprises a series of specially-crafted questions, which will assess your horse’s brain power and characteristics, to unveil how best your equine friend compares to a series of famous characters. Will your horse be an expert Albert Equinstein, a courageous Indiana Jones, a chilled out Buddha, an escape artist Houdini or a charming Forrest Gump – take the test to find out!

What’s more, equine behavioural advocate, Samantha Osborne, has thrown her support behind the test and agrees that rating your equine friend as part of the test, is a great and fun way to determine how smart they truly are.

Speaking about the Intelligence Test, Samantha says: “Horses are highly intelligent animals with a remarkable ability to learn and adapt to new situations. Their intelligence is often demonstrated through their problem-solving skills, social interactions, and ability to communicate with humans and other animals.

“One of my horses is really clever and is always trying to snuffle his way into his feed box. Another horse I’ve ridden in the past was also really intelligent and used to open the door to her stable – if any of your horses display this behaviour, they’re definitely a bit of a Houdini and are leading the pack in the intelligence stakes!”

Head to to take part in the test, where you’ll find a series of questions based on a ratings system – all you need to do is rate your horse on how they behave in particular situations, including how easy they are to train, how quickly they respond to instructions and how good they are at recognising you. Based on your responses, the test will ascertain just how intelligent your horse really is.

Samantha continues: “As a horse behaviourist, horse owner and competition judge, I have seen first-hand the incredible mental capabilities of these amazing animals. Harry Hall’s Horse Intelligence Test is a brilliant and fun way of testing how smart your horse really is – why not put your equine friend to the test?”

Liz Hopper, Managing Director at Harry Hall, added: “Horses are renowned for being clever animals, so we’ve developed a fun test to find the most intelligent horse in the UK. We’re inviting equestrians from across the country to get involved and put their horse’s smarts to the test – let’s see if we can find the Einstein of the horse world!”

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