Carbon calculator for equestrians launched

 The never ending wet winter of 2023/24 will be forever etched in minds of equestrians across the UK. Like it or not, this is a direct result of global-warming and we all, equestrians included need to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint.

An equine carbon calculator has been now developed by group of organisations, which collaborated to encourage the equine industry industry to play a leading role in addressing the climate crisis, and shaping a better future.

Pioneered by equine environmental sustainability specialists White Griffin and the Farm Carbon Toolkit, in partnership with Derby College Group, Hartpury University and Sparsholt Group, the calculator has been developed to empower horse owners and equine businesses to understand their environmental impact and work towards mitigating it.

The free to use tool – accessible here – also identifies opportunities for businesses to minimise their energy costs and maximise their potential to regenerate the countryside.

Until now carbon footprint tools have been available only in the agricultural sector, and are used by the government to calculate carbon reduction targets however, this is the first tool available for equine premises.

Providing valuable information to the industry the equine carbon calculator will help set meaningful targets for both businesses and horse owners alike. The information will allow equestrians and equestrian businesses to make informed decisions towards a sustainable future.

Director of White Griffin, Ruth Dancer said: “The equine community holds a deep connection to the natural world, so we have a unique opportunity to safeguard it for future generations. By implementing the equine carbon calculator, we can better understand our emissions and find innovative ways to reduce them, saving money and paving the way for a better future.”

Don’t let day’s like this become a thing of the past

Horse owners and equine businesses need to act

The launch of the carbon calculator marks the beginning of a comprehensive campaign to  educate and inspire the horse owners and the equine industry on environmental sustainability. This initiative will be complemented by a suite of resources set to launch in autumn, offering support to stakeholders across the horse racing and equestrian sectors.

It follows a broader industry shift toward a more sustainable future for equestrians and horse racing, underscored by the tangible impacts of climate change on the industry. Following the hottest year on record in 2023 coupled with significant flooding, the UK equine industry suffered multiple cancellations across the full spectrum of events,highlighting the urgency of addressing these challenges.

White Griffin’s previous reports for the British Horse Racing Authority and the British Equestrian Federation, have laid strong foundations for these sustainability initiatives, emphasising the need for tools and resources to support businesses in their sustainability efforts.

What does it do?
  • The tool is free-to-use, developed to empower horse owners and equine businesses to accurately assess their environmental impact and to find actionable steps to reduce it.
  • It identifies opportunities for businesses to minimise their energy costs and maximise their potential to regenerate the countryside.
  • The initiative marks a significant step towards sustainability in an industry deeply connected to the natural world, offering a practical solution to the pressing challenge of climate change.


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