A Game-Changer in Equine Joint Care

Ensuring your horse’s joints remain in top-notch condition is not just about their overall well-being; it’s the key to unlocking their peak performance potential. From daily training sessions to competitive events, a horse’s joints bear the brunt of rigorous activities. Recognising the pivotal role joint health plays in a horse’s life, Audevard, a poneer in equine health, introduces EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO—an innovative solution that marks a significant leap forward in equine joint care.

Audevard’s dedication to advancing equine health is evident in EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO. This groundbreaking formula is meticulously designed to enhance your horse’s stride fluidity while providing unparalleled protection for their joints. It goes beyond the traditional focus on cartilage and synovial fluid, incorporating a crucial element—the subchondral bone. With a new generation of highly specific, concentrated ingredients extracted from natural sources, EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO sets a new standard in equine joint care.

In response to recent regulatory changes by the BHA and the ongoing discussions within the FEI about the potential addition of Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) to the list of prohibited substances for equines, Audevard have removed this element from the formula, replacing it with Boswellia. This not only showcases Audevard’s strategic foresight in horse sport, but also assures horse owners of a product that stays ahead of evolving protocols and banned substances.

Crafted by Audevard’s expert veterinarians, the formula aligns seamlessly with equine physiology, excluding animal-based components, artificial colours, and minimizing sugar content. Key components include plant-based glucosamine, phytosterols from avocado and soy, proanthocyanidins from grape seed and skin extract, and Peptagen II®—a specific collagen precursor complex. This concentrated formula provides triple protection for joints, preserving the subchondral bone while safeguarding cartilage and synovial fluid.

Scientific evidence supports the efficacy of EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO. A 2023 study involving 20 horses showed rapid and sustained improvement in gait symmetry after a 30-day supplementation, offering robust evidence of the product’s positive influence on equine gait and confirming its effectiveness in sustaining optimal joint health.

Beyond supplementation, EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO addresses the imperative need for protection against premature joint degradation. Maintaining optimal physical capabilities, preserving performance, preventing irregular strides, and improving stride quality and regularity are crucial for avoiding early retirement—a key consideration for horse owners invested in their equine companions’ longevity.

Available in various sizes, from 450g at £49.90 to 12kg at £943.90, EKYFLEX ARTHRO EVO caters to the diverse needs of horse owners and professionals alike.

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