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Pre-purchase veterinary examinations – an insurer’s perspective

The Horse Hub talks to KBIS, to find out what the insurance companies take into

The cost of colic

Leah Walker, talks to KBIS to find out how far your insurance pot might have to stretch,

Vetting horses: it’s not about PASS or FAIL

Dr Malcolm Morley BVSc MRVS, explains how purchasers can get the most out of a vetting or

How can we prevent gastric ulcers in horses?

Briony Witherow looks at the nutritional management of EGUS in horses For every new piece

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Horse insurance policies for all needs and budgets. Whether your horse is happily retired or out competing regularly, used for hacking or pony club, KBIS have a horse insurance policy to suit your budget and your horse’s needs. You can completely tailor your policy too and add on a range of useful extras including public liability, personal accident and horse trailer insurance.

With a KBIS horse insurance policy, you’ll have peace of mind when you need it most.

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