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First Aid Veterinary Wound Care

Help my horse is bleeding

The Horse Hub asked equine vet Alex Paterson, about blood loss in horses – how

News & Research Worming

Are horses becoming resistant to tapeworm drugs?

Austin Davis Biologics Ltd, makers of the EquiSal saliva test, have released new advice following

Diagnostics Featured Hoof Care Lameness Skeletal Soft Tissue

What happens when a horse needs a CT scan?

THH talks to Asto CT about their new standing CT scanner When things go wrong

Diseases & Conditions Featured Nutrition Veterinary

Atypical myopathy

Briony Witherow, discusses the latest advice and research into atypical myopathy Atypical myopathy (also known

Featured First Aid Veterinary

Does my horse have a horsefly bite or could it be an abscess?

The Horse Hub asks Equine vet Alex Paterson, how to identify and manage horsefly bites

First Aid Veterinary

First Aid Facts: Shock – how do you know if your horse goes into shock?

 Would you know if your horse was in shock? The Horse Hub asks equine vet

Behaviour Daily Management Featured Veterinary

Talking all things equine hygiene – the mares

‘Who knew mares can get beans too – could this be why your mare is

Behaviour Featured Veterinary

Talking all things equine hygiene – the boys

The Horse Hub asks, why is equine hygiene so important? There are many reasons equine hygiene

Featured Veterinary Welfare

What is BEVA?

Christine Keate takes a look at The British Equine Veterinary Association Most horsey folk have

Featured First Aid Veterinary

Equine eyes

First Aid Facts – in a new series The Horse Hub talks to equine vet

Diseases & Conditions News & Research Veterinary

Vet fees – what are the true costs?

Equine Insurance Broker, SEIB provides cost data on their most frequently claimed for ailments SEIB

Featured Veterinary Worming

How to worm broodmares and youngstock

Diane Gilby, Technical Director at EPLA, explains why the usual rules don’t apply when worming

News & Research Veteran

Call to help improve the understanding of equine Cushings’ disease

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), in partnership with CVS Group plc, has launched a new

Featured First Aid Veterinary

What is the normal temperature for a horse? Assessing the vital signs

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, explains why knowing what's normal can help you see when something’s

Featured Immune System Veterinary

Equine immunology – why do we need to vaccinate horses?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS, explains how and why vaccines for horses work As horse owners

Featured Veterinary Worming

How do I know when and how to worm a horse?

Diane Gilby, Technical Director at EPLA asks, why do horse owners struggle to know when

Daily Management Featured Veterinary Worming

Do you know how to worm your horse without playing Russian roulette?

Diane Gilby RSQP, Technical Director at EPLA asks do you know how to worm your

Featured First Aid Veterinary Wound Care

Abscesses, puncture wounds and tetanus in horses

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS, looks at the wounds that may have more ominous consequences Tetanus

Daily Management Diseases & Conditions Featured Veterinary

Sweet itch

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, outlines how to tackle the seasonal misery of sweet itch An

Featured First Aid Veterinary Wound Care

Help my horse has mudfever what should I do?

The Horse Hub spoke to equine vet Alex Paterson for some top tips on treating mudfever

Featured First Aid Veterinary Wound Care

Hibiscrub™ – are you using it correctly?

The Horse Hub asked equine vet Alex Paterson, to explain why it is so important

Diseases & Conditions Featured Soft Tissue Strangles Wound Care

Understanding Equine Lymphangitis

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, discusses the causes, treatment and management of this difficult condition  Equine lymphangitis

Daily Management Diseases & Conditions Featured Hoof Care Lameness Nutrition

Laminitis – recognise the risk factors

Colic Featured

The cost of colic

Leah Walker, talks to KBIS to find out how far your insurance pot might have to stretch,

News & Research Veterinary

Why is it important to monitor the use of antibiotics in our horses?

A study undertaken to investigate the use of antimicrobials in horses shows why it is

Featured Veterinary

Vetting horses: it’s not about PASS or FAIL

Dr Malcolm Morley BVSc MRVS, explains how purchasers can get the most out of a vetting or

Diseases & Conditions Featured Veterinary

Wet skin conditions in horses

Stuart Davies looks at the causes, diagnosis and treatment of mud fever, rain scald and

Lameness Nutrition


Briony Witherow, has practical nutritional advice for preventing and managing laminitis Whether you’re managing a horse

Daily Management Digestion Featured Gastric Nutrition Performance & Fittening

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome – EGUS: the facts

Briony Witherow brings us 10 key facts we should all know about EGUS 1. Equine


What is my horse allergic to – is it sweet itch or something else?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS discusses the misery of sweet itch and itchy horses As the