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Daily Management Welfare

The worst kind of privilege | When is it time to say goodbye?

Sophie Cookson from the BHS ‘Friends at the end’ team, helps us to understand the

Daily Management Featured Nutrition

Finding the best hay for horses

Briony Witherow discusses the new season's crop and how to find the best hay for

Daily Management Featured Nutrition

How to change your horse’s management to a winter routine

Winter nutrition for horses

Appetite & Feeding Daily Management News & Research Nutrition

Win with Spillers™

To celebrate over 7,000 members joining their SPILLERS Slimmer’s Club, the SPILLERS™ brand is giving

Behaviour Featured Training and Management Welfare

The wall of death! Does your horse hate the vet?

Chris Keate reveals some tough facts when dealing with problem horses  How our horses behave

Behaviour Daily Management Featured Veterinary

Talking all things equine hygiene – the mares

‘Who knew mares can get beans too – could this be why your mare is

Behaviour Featured Veterinary

Talking all things equine hygiene – the boys

The Horse Hub asks, why is equine hygiene so important? There are many reasons equine hygiene

Daily Management Nutrition Performance & Fittening

How to keep a horse hydrated

Briony Witherow, explains how to tell if our horses are well hydrated and why it

Featured Veterinary Welfare

What is BEVA?

Christine Keate takes a look at The British Equine Veterinary Association Most horsey folk have

Featured Performance & Fittening Training Training and Management

Why is rising on the correct diagonal in trot important?

Eva Marunova BHSAI PgDip BSc (Hons), explains why rising on the correct diagonal is so

Training Training and Management

Balance – how does a lack of it create tension?

Liz Eaton BHSI, BHS Performance Coach, brings her insight into how horse and rider balance

Daily Management News & Research

Horses and social licence to operate – why you should be bothered

Chris Keate, looks at the issues A ‘social licence to operate’ is the unwritten acceptance

Featured Performance & Fittening Training Training and Management

How do we create lift and impulsion?

BHS performance coach Liz Eaton (BHSI), explains why it’s not all about the engine behind!

Behaviour News & Research

Is spooking in horses genetic?

The “startle response” or “spooking”  in horses is reflexive – horses generally do not distinguish

News & Research Welfare

Appleby Fair – ‘the welfare of the horses is at the heart of the event’

Appleby Fair, the biggest annual Gypsy Roma and Traveller gathering in the UK, takes place

Daily Management Featured Nutrition

Is my horse too fat?

Tamzin Furtado, discusses why horse owners struggle to recognise when their horses are fat Most

Behaviour Diseases & Conditions Featured Rehab Skeletal

My horse has kissing spines – is surgery the only option?

Edward Busuttil DVM CertAVP PgCertVPS MRCVS looks at the alternatives.

Behaviour Diseases & Conditions Featured Immune System

Headshaking in horses

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, looks at the possible causes of headshaking in horses  Headshaking in

Daily Management Featured Veterinary Worming

Do you know how to worm your horse without playing Russian roulette?

Diane Gilby RSQP, Technical Director at EPLA asks do you know how to worm your

Daily Management Diseases & Conditions Featured Veterinary

Sweet itch

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, outlines how to tackle the seasonal misery of sweet itch An

Behaviour Featured Training and Management

Loading horses

Caroline Arnold, offers a holistic approach to the horses that say ‘no’ to loading How do

Behaviour Daily Management Featured Training Training and Management

Equine psychology – an overview for coaches

Christa Dillon, discusses who’s responsibility it is, to advocate for the horse If we exchange

Behaviour Featured News & Research Training Training and Management

Out and about with The Horse Hub – Groundwork: Building strong foundations with your horse

Chris Keate, talks us through an inspiring day of practical learning Out and about with

Equipment Performance & Fittening Rehab Training Training and Management

Lunging horses

Veterinary Physiotherapist and Equine Coach, Chloe Mabbutt, discusses whether lunging horses should be part of

Featured Performance & Fittening Training Training and Management

When equine training goes wrong: The problem of overfacing

In another excerpt from ‘The Sport Horse Problem Solver’ by Eric Smiley FBHS, he looks at

Behaviour Daily Management Featured Training and Management

The ‘duvet day’ – how does it affect your horse?

Orsolya Losonci, takes a look at ‘the duvet day’, and discusses our perception of a

Featured Training

Why I don’t like the word collection

The Horse Hub has joined with Quiller Publishing, to bring you a new series of excerpts