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Hub Editorial - Yoga and horses?

Chris Keate

One of the things you all seem very keen to read, are Liz Eaton’s insightful thoughts on training our horses. I’m so pleased to say then, that I have just uploaded her latest piece to The Horse Hub and it is of course, a cracker! What could possibly be the link I hear you ask, between Liz’s very first yoga session (a certain number of years ago) and, how we begin the training of our young horses? Take a look you won’t be disappointed.

As I may have mentioned before, Suzannah and I are all about bringing you the best information we can on equine welfare and owner education so, we are delighted to announce that we are supporting the REACT colic campaign. Starting next week, we have the first in a great series written especially for The Horse Hub by the vets at Oakham Veterinary Hospital and The University of Nottingham Vet School. They form part of the this brilliant ongoing campaign in association with the British Horse Society, to help owners understand how to recognise the many signs of colic and, just how serious even the mildest episode can be.

And finally for now, another announcement – The Horse Hub are media partnering with the awesome and innovative Equestrian Business Awards. Check out the story in our News section, to read how they came to be and, how they are celebrating equestrian business excellence.

Very bests for a fab weekend.

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