• Claire Williams, BETA Exec. Director

What is the British Equestrian Trade Association?

Ever wondered who puts together the safety standards and the logos that we all look for when buying our feed and equipment? BETA Executive Director Claire Williams, explains all

The British Equestrian Trade Association sits at the heart of the equestrian industry, representing more than 800 members and working for the rights of consumers, while promoting rider safety and equine wellbeing.

BETA is highly regarded in the world of equestrianism; it liaises with many of the leading riding disciplines and national bodies, such as the British Equestrian Federation and Sport England. It also lobbies at government level and is regarded as a voice of authority on a wide range of subjects.Its distinctive horse’s head logo, stamps and assurance marks are highly regarded and widely trusted, allowing horse owners to shop or ride with confidence.

Rider safety runs throughout much of BETA’s work. Its training programmes are designed to equip retailers with the necessary skills to fit riding hats and body protectors; the BETA Body Protector Standard that it devised and administers is a benchmark for safety throughout the world. Many manufacturing and supplier members proudly place their trade logo on products and websites to show their affiliation to BETA. Likewise, only retail members of the trade association are allowed to display the red, white and blue horse’s head retail logo.

The trade association has launched two feed assurance schemes to support equine wellbeing. The BETA NOPS Code, which helps to minimise the risk of contamination by naturally occurring prohibited substances and, the BETA scheme designed to flag up the best feeds for horses and ponies prone to equine squamous gastric disease are incredibly popular among feed manufacturers – and riders and owners. The BETA Feed Awareness Week, which is back for its third year, running from 27 March to 4 April, aims to dispel feeding myths and build greater knowledge of equine nutrition as we move into spring and the competition season begins to unfold.

The trade association will be launching the BETA NOPS Code for Bedding later this year. This new assurance scheme will help to minimise the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances turning up in all types of equine bedding. It has been introduced following the success of the NOPS code for feed and will help to bring.


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