• Christine Keate

Vets unite to support their Ukrainian medical colleagues

The veterinary profession has come together under the banner of British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine to provide direct support for medics in Ukraine – both human and veterinary. They are calling for urgent physical donations of medical supplies as well as financial donations for delivery direct to Ukraine.

British Veterinary Professionals for Ukraine, founded by UK vet and second-generation Ukrainian Antonina (Nina) Babchuk, have worked with the Ukrainian Medical Association to establish direct links with both human and veterinary surgeons working in the war zone and are sending supplies direct to where they are needed most.

“People just want to do something tangible,” said Nina. “We see horrific scenes on the television every day and when we hear from vets and medics on the ground that they don’t have the supplies they need, what can we do but try and get those supplies to them? We have been collecting physical donations from across the UK and are now establishing ways people can buy medical supplies in the UK that we take out to Ukraine. I am humbled by the support we have been receiving from vets in the UK, but there is so much more that they need out there.”

Till Hoermann, an equine vet from Rutland recently completed the 2500-mile round trip to the Ukrainian border having been inspired to fill his own van with veterinary supplies donated by his own practice and other equine vets.

“After listening to an interview with doctors from the Ukrainian Medical Association on Radio 5 live I started to ask myself what could I do to help? Said Till. “I realised a lot of the mobile veterinary equipment that we use out on the road may be useful for them so I started to make my plan. Through other contacts we have made we know exactly what they want and how to get it there. We have a warehouse just off the A1 that will act as a central collection hub and from there supplies will go into Ukraine via a distribution centre in Poland.”


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