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Vaccinations - how do they work and why bother?

Chris Keate

Vaccination is a much discussed topic these days – everyone has an opinion on whether they should have the ‘covid jab’ and, which version works best. So, when it comes to vaccination time for our horses, how many of us really understand what is in the syringe and, why the vet is using that particular version of the vaccine. This week in a great feature on equine immunology, Stuart Davies explains how immunity is acquired, how vaccines work and, why they need to be updated on a regular basis.

‘Herd immunity’ is another term we all hear but, what does this means? – it is the point at which the number of potential hosts to a disease (horses/people/…) is so reduced through immunity, whether by vaccination or exposure and recovery from that disease, that there is nowhere for the pathogen to go in order to survive or, to mutate. This is proven to being key in reducing the scale of outbreaks of any disease and, vital in the steps towards completely eradicating a particular disease. So, for a better understanding of what why vaccination is so important, check in to Stuart’s piece this weekend. https://www.thehorsehub.co.uk/post/vaccines-for-horses

Incidentally, when researching the number one killer disease in horses, what comes up top of the list every time? – COLIC. This is particularly tragic, as colic is not a disease and, the main cause of it is through management changes. So, if you haven’t dug into the great series we brought to you in association with the BHS, then why not have a look?

And finally this week, we are very pleased to welcome little Jack Brock to The Horse Hub. He is a superstar in his own right, visiting care homes and dementia patients and, raising money for charities. We have an image of him and his lovely little friend illustrating one of the pieces new to The Horse Hub this weekend.

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