• Christine Keate

US show jumper banned for ten years for ‘excessive use’ of electric spurs

The FEI Tribunal has suspended US show jumper Andrew Kocher for ten years and disqualified him from eight events between June 2018 and November 2019, for using electric spurs on horses. He has also been fined CHF 10,000 and ordered to pay costs of CHF 7,500.

He was provisionally suspended on 28 October 2020, pending a hearing before the FEI Tribunal; this period will be credited against the full suspension, meaning he will be ineligible to compete before 27 October. During the suspension Kocher is barred from participating in or attending, in any capacity, including as a spectator, any competition or event that is authorised or organised by the FEI or any National Federation.

The sanctions also include disqualification of all results obtained at events for which the FEI Tribunal was provided with photographic evidence establishing the athlete’s use of electric spurs. A full list of which is available on the FEI website.


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