• Christine Keate

Trickle Net launch free online forage calculator

In the effort to educate horse owners and battle the welfare crisis in equine obesity, Trickle Net have launched the first free online forage calculator of its kind.

The new resource has been developed over several months, and uses data pulled from the latest available research in approximating the dry matter forage requirements of horses and ponies on a grass and hay diet. The results are instantly available to the user and displayed with a host of recommendations and advice around feeding horses on a weight control diet.

The calculator is supported by BETA, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, The Laminitis Site and Care Equine Education. Information on diet and nutrition, laminitis prevention, management and weight control can be accessed from supporters via the calculator page.

Dr Tamzin Furtado of Care Equine Education and University of Liverpool said: ‘Trickle Nets new online calculator will be so helpful for horse owners trying to manage their horse's weight. We've found in the past that people find it really tricky to work out exactly how much forage they should be feeding, and this will help lighten the load.”



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