• Christine Keate

RCVS disciplinary hearing result

Along with most people we were very saddened to hear the outcome of a recent disciplinary hearing, resulting in the removal from the Register of Veterinary Surgeons of Dr Sue Dyson FRCVS. For many, many horse owners and veterinary professionals, Dr Dyson has been the oracle equine orthopaedics. At The Horse Hub we have waited to receive the report from RCVS before commenting on the proceedings and, it does indeed mark a very sad end to an amazing career.

Some people may be surprised to learn that being a vet brings with it a suicide rate that has been estimated to be 4 times higher than the national average in the UK. While the undoubted pressure associated with the research and work Dr Dyson was undertaking at the time, cannot override the only decision the disciplinary hearing realistically could reach, it likely goes a long way to explaining the very misguided chain of events that occurred.

Ultimately, the rules of veterinary professional conduct are there to protect our animals and no one can be seen to be above them. We should however, not overlook the legacy Dr Dyson leaves the equine world nor, question the validity of her work.

For anyone in the veterinary industry needing support or help contact Vetlife: https://www.vetlife.org.uk

Interpreting equine facial expression is a lasting legacy from Dr Dyson


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