• Christine Keate

New awards ceremony celebrates equestrian business excellence

The Equestrian Business Awards were launched on 5th January 2021 by founder Katy Wright, after she noticed many equestrian small businesses from farriers to instructors were going ‘above and beyond’ to support clients and their horses but, with no real recognition. The first lockdown of the pandemic prompted Katy to give the equestrian industry a much needed boost and, a chance to celebrate excellence by launching the Awards.

The nomination period ran from 5th January to 1st April with 14 categories – everything from ‘Riding School of the Year’ to ‘Horse Transporter of the Year’. Having expected a response of around 200 nominations, it quickly became clear that ‘Celebrating Equestrian Excellence’ was quietly creating waves throughout the equestrian community with 5,491 eligible nomination submissions for approximately 2000 businesses, made via The Equestrian Business Awards’ website by the closing date. Alongside this, sponsorships from several equestrian companies have been secured as well as the recruitment of a judging team, many of whom approached the ‘The Equestrian Business Awards’ of their own volition.

The shortlisting phase has now begun with a handful of select businesses for each category making it through the finalist phase, beginning later in May. The Equestrian Business Awards will be holding their first ever Awards Gala in October 2021 to showcase and celebrate equestrian excellence.



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