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‘Flu and tet’ that’s what pops up on our horses’ vaccination records every couple of years – it’s something we rarely give a second thought to. There are however, far more unvaccinated horses in our equine population than we would think. Even responsible owners often say, ‘oh he’s old he never goes anywhere, he doesn’t need vaccinating.’ These horses are still very vulnerable to equine influenza – as was evidenced in the outbreak last year and clostridia tetani, the bacteria that causes tetanus, is always present in the soil. An easily missed, tiny puncture wound not only can have a devastating effect on the soft tissues surrounding a joint – it can also provide the ideal contaminated, low-oxygen environment that allows clostridia tetani to thrive.

Talk to any vet who has seen a horse, or any animal with tetanus, and I can guarantee it is something they never want to see again. It is a horrifying brutal disease, with spasms reported to be so violent that bones break; and an outcome, that is rarely positive. For an insight into wounds with more ominous outcomes, head on over to vet Stuart Davies’ latest article.

What’s been going on this week? It is ‘Strangles Awareness Week’; to support this The Horse Hub has brought you a series of articles especially written for you, by the team at Redwings. To find out more about what they’ve been doing follow the link. https://www.redwings.org.uk/strangles

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