• Christine Keate

Midges – is there any point to them?

Chris Keate

Well, it is still a bit nippy at night so, there is some small reprieve for sweet itch sufferers but, as soon as it warms up, the midges will be back. The bane of many horse owners’ lives and, the misery of itchy horses up and down the country – can there really be any benefit from the midge population? Surprisingly yes – midges are the primary pollinators of the cacao tree. So, without a thriving midge population, one of the staples of a horse owner’s diet, chocolate would not exist! Yes, sadly for all those who would willingly see every last midge wiped from the face of the earth, we would have to accept that chocolate also, would be gone. Plan B then, might be to get a really good handle on managing our sweet itch sufferers and, to get preparations in place before the teeny tiny blood-sucking beasts start ruling our lives again. To catch up on what the options are, look out for our ‘Itchy horse’ feature, coming to The Horse Hub very soon.

And, just to recap on a couple of things I might have mentioned before …

First up is the Vets with Horsepower CPD challenge – 25 hours of continuous CPD delivered live by some awesome equine vets – world-wide! This is an amazing chance to listen in to some top class veterinary CPD and, to support some incredible charities too. I keep going back to Save the Survivors, because the sight of orphaned baby rhinos or the adults trying to recover from having their horns hacked off, breaks my heart. The other charities that VwHP are supporting though, are just as deserving of our time and a few £’s. Check it out – it is happening NEXT WEEK!! https://www.vetswithhorsepower.com/2021.html

The second thing that bears repetition is COLIC. As a horse owner, this scares the *** out of me. I have had a few close encounters but luckily, I’ve known my horses well and even though I’ve tried to manage any dietary changes very carefully, we’ve still had a couple of near misses – sorted thank goodness by a speedy vet visit. That’s why we are so pleased to be able to support the REACT colic campaign and, to be able to bring you a series of features, written just for The Horse Hub, by the campaign specialists – if nothing else let the quote below guide your judgement when making any changes to your horse’s management. And of course, to read more check out the first full feature, live on the Hub now.

Research by the University of Nottingham found colic accounted for one in three emergency vet call outs to horses. The same group also found that in 47% of colic cases, the horse had recently had a change of management and, the majority of evidence on risk factors for colic related to management change. Therefore, at this time of year owners should take particular care to ensure any changes to their horses’ management and feeding are made gradually.

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