• Suzannah Povey-White

Man in hospital after taking ivermectin to prevent covid

The patient, now suffering from ivermectin poisoning, has been hospitalised. The man, from Mississippi, USA, took the drug usually used as a horse wormer after reading false information online that it can 'prevent' covid. Reported the Mississippi Free Press

Mississippi state health officer Dr Thomas Dobbs urged people to not rely on unusual drugs in a bid to avoid catching Covid-19.

Dr Dobbs said that people are trying to use ivermectin as a preventive drug which is “kind of crazy”. “So please don’t do that,” Dr Dobbs said on Friday. Dr Dobbs said: “Please work with your healthcare provider. This is medical treatment. You wouldn’t get your chemotherapy at a feed store. You wouldn’t want to treat your pneumonia with your animal’s medication."

The current research surrounding ivermectin and its uses to treat covid is limited, but a study is currently being undertaken in the UK to see if it produces any significant responses in individuals, as ivermectin has been shown to kill high levels of virus in vitro. However principle joint chief investigator Prof Richard Hobbs said it would be "premature" to recommend ivermectin for Covid.

Source: The Independent and BBC Online


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