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Editor's pick - keeping cool this summer!

Our editorial team has had a look at some of the summer ‘must haves’ to help you and your horse stay as comfortable as possible on those scorching hot days and, in those summer showers! We've found a couple of hidden gems and products you might not have tried before, but we think are fab!

1. Electrolytes

We all know that when our horses sweat we need to replace not only the lost water – around 60-75% of a horse's body weight is made up of water – but also the minerals and trace elements also lost in that sweat. So, replacing these elements by providing good electrolytes is vital to maintaining health and, triggering the response to drink. Our horses love these electrolytes – they smell absolutely delicious and, you know you will be replacing all those essential minerals and trace elements that can be lost so easily, even in the field on a hot summer's day. From £21.99

2. Himalayan Salt Lick

If your horse prefers to regulate his own salt and mineral intake try this tasty Himalayan salt lick, great to keep him amused in the stable too. It's full of all those important trace elements he might be missing out on. From £7.99

3. Equine America Green Ice Cooling Gel

Our horses legs work really hard whatever the weather but, in the summer when the ground is hard and we are often out competing, how great is it to have a lovely cooling leg gel to plaster over those tired limbs. Packed with loads of refreshing ingredients, arnica, eucalyptus oil and witch hazel we think this is a fab addition to your kit. From £16.99

4. Biteback Products: Neem Supreme Horsefly Midge and Insect Repellent

Flies, horseflies and midges, sometimes they are so bad our horses would rather be inside than have to deal with them. Help make them all think twice about biting and pestering your horse by using a good quality fly repellent. From £19.99

5. NostrilVet

If your horse is irritated by airborne allergens why not try this allergy blocker? Nothing should replace a veterinary diagnosis or eliminating the cause but, if symptoms are mild it may well bring some welcome relief. From £28.50

6. Shires Fly Mask

We love this fly mask; a good design with a fringe to keep flies off the sensitive part of the face, providing a great option for horses that won't tolerate a net over this part of the head. From £16.37

7. Waterproof Fly Rug

What a great invention these are! We absolutely love them – if your horse is out at night and the forecast isn't great but you know you need to beat those midges at dawn and dusk, a waterproof fly rug is the perfect solution. From £49.49

8. Weatherbeeter Scrim Cooler Rug

Sometimes you just need something to help your horse cool down or, to keep the draught off his back while he's on the lorry or at a show. Wicking and breathable, these are a great addition to your horse's wardrobe. From £23.99

9. No-Rinse Horse Wash

What would we do without no rinse horse washes? We love this lavender version just the thing after a hot ride, slosh a little into a bucket and watch it foam up with lovely soothing bubbles - I might have been known to use the sponge on the back of my neck too, on really hot days! From £12.99

10. Lightweight Riding Tights

We all struggle with what to wear on those baking hot days. These super-light riding tights are perfect to help you stay cool in or out of the saddle and, don't look bad when you have to nip into the supermarket on the way home. From £21.99

11. Lightweight Water Repellent Jacket

And finally, for those 'will it won't it rain today' rides, here is a fab lightweight hi-viz jacket, essential for hacking on or off the roads. Be seen and safe, give traffic time to slow down, and, should the worst happen and you and your horse part company, be bright and easy to find! From £25.99

We hope you love our selections and find something you might not have tried before but, now cannot live without, all were independently selected by our editorial team. Just so you know, The Horse Hub may collect a share of the sales from the links should you purchase the product. Please note all prices are correct at the time of publishing but, may have changed.


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