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Hub Editorial is where you can find out what we are doing, what campaigns we are supporting and, what’s coming up on The Horse Hub. So, to kick off this first post, I wanted to tell you about a very special charity we are supporting, Vets with Horsepower. This is the charity that supports other incredibly deserving charities. It was dreamed up by the most awesome Professor Derek Knottenbelt. Suffice to say the story involves a Harley Davidson, lots of amazing equine vets and, a whole load of motorbike miles, with some brilliant CPD thrown in along the way. Last year they were grounded along with everyone else because of COVID, this year however there is a new plan. 25 hours of continuous CPD available worldwide, delivered non-stop by the Horse Power Vets team. Watch the presentation below:

Equine welfare, education and, being a source of excellent information for all things horsey is what The Horse Hub is all about. We are supporting Strangles awareness week with some great features on the different aspects of this horrible disease. The first piece is already available and there’s plenty more to come so keep an eye out for those. To find out what its all about click on the link below


So, that’s all for now but, be sure to let me know if there’s something you would like to see on The Horse Hub or if there's anything you would like to know more about.

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Welcome to The Horse Hub! We started this site for horse enthusiasts like ourselves. Click below to read our story:

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