• Christine Keate

Face to face at last!

Wow what can I say other than finally, Suzannah and I managed to attend our first face to face industry event together – BEVA Congress! This is the British Equine Veterinary Association's annual event, which last year obviously, did not take place. Having attended for many years in my previous life before The Horse Hub and its sister company PKW Events I was very happy to be back, this time representing our own company and, to gather lots of great information and contacts for you all. It did feel as if we were the trailblazers or die hards; there weren't as many delegates nor trade exhibitors as usual but, those who made it were pleased to be there and, BEVA did offer a great online option for those who couldn't.

Although it is the main reason to attend, Congress is never just about the education, it is about seeing old friends and making new ones, awards for those who have gone above and beyond when contributing to equine welfare and, seeing what's new in terms of technology and treatments.

This year's Awards were led by the outgoing BEVA President Lucy Grieve and included, The BEVA Equine Welfare Award, sponsored by the Blue Cross. The very popular recipient was Lode E A De Smet, originally from Belgium he is a partner at Gibson and Jones veterinary surgeons in Llanelli. He undertakes RSPCA equine welfare work in South Wales and, has handled more than 500 cases, many of which have been unfit to travel so he has taken them home for further rehabilitation.

The Peter Rossdale Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) Open Award was presented to Amie Wilson for the paper Equine influenza vaccination in the UK: Current practices may leave horses with suboptimal immunity by A Wilson, G Pinchbeck, R Dean, C McGowan, first published in EVJ in October 2020.

This award is given for the paper that best achieves the EVJ’s mission to publish articles which influence and improve clinical practice and/or add significantly to the scientific knowledge that underpins and supports veterinary medicine in relation to the horse.

Gemma Pearson was the well deserving recipient of The BEVA Richard Hartley Clinical Award, which recognises evidence-based papers with a direct clinical application. Gemma's paper Difficult horses - prevalence, approaches to management of and understanding of how they develop by equine veterinarians by G Pearson, R Reardon, J Keen, N Waran, first published in EVE in July 2020 – look out for more about this on The Horse Hub in the coming weeks.

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