• Christine Keate

Do you remember your first horse?

Redwings Horse Sanctuary has launched a nationwide survey to find out more about people’s experiences of taking on their first ever horse or pony

Taking on the care of a horse for the first time is a memorable milestone and Redwings is asking why, when and how, individuals made the exciting move from riding lessons or helping out with friends’ horses, to owning one of their own.

Past and present horse owners have until 18th November to fill in the questionnaire, entitled the ‘My First Horse’ survey, which Redwings hopes will act as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many.

To find out more and to take the survey, visit – https://survey.alchemer.eu/s3/90383102/46ed7eff18cf

The project is being supported by equestrian brands Equilibrium and Spillers, who have both donated items for a prize draw that everyone that completes the survey can choose to enter, with a grand prize bundle including an Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot and, a Spillers branded saddlecloth, voucher and other goodies.

Andie McPherson, Redwings’ Campaigns Manager, said: “We have a lot to learn about the thought processes and preparations involved when someone takes on their first horse.

“We know that horses can have a hugely positive impact in people’s lives but there’s a concern that not getting the right horse for you, or not having support as a new owner, could increase risks to the wellbeing of both horse and human. We’re keen to find out more so we can help support people at this exciting, but sometimes daunting, stage of their equestrian journey.”


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