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Christmas Gift Guide for horsey people

Our editorial team have picked our favourite products suitable for the horse-lovers in your life this Christmas

Dual Beanie Hat



The Dual bobble hat is great for chilly days. Made from a super soft yarn in a ribbed design with a turn up. The hat comes with a choice of coloured detachable pom poms crafted from faux fur. Finished with a Toggi branded tab. £15.00

Redwings Lady and Holly Blue Mug



The Redwings Lady and Holly Blue Mug

Enjoy a warm drink over the winter in this beautiful mug featuring Redwings Horse Sanctuary Adoption Star Lady and her best friend Holly Blue.


Country Mouse Saffron Milan merino wool throw



Country Mouse is a lifestyle brand specialising in wool throws and natural fibre accessories. Our merino wool socks, mini hot water bottles and wool throws make really popular Christmas gifts.

Designed and manufactured in England from luxurious 100% merino wool, this throw from features a wonderful blend of beige, saffron and cream tones. £75.00

Enter code cm10 at checkout for a 10% discount.

Baileys Tasty Treats



Baileys Tasty Treats

These delicious chunky high fibre treats contain extracts of flavours of essential oils, which horses find irresistible. Available in a recyclable, biodegradable 1kg paper bag, ideal as a stocking filler, as well as the mega-value reusable 5kg bucket. Priced at around £2.27 and £6.50, respectively.

Nature's SAFE Christmas Cards



Nature’s SAFE is one of Europe’s first charitable living biobanks a mission to Save Animals From Extinction by collecting, indefinitely storing and regenerating reproductive cells and cell lines from endangered animal species. We are dedicated to storing tissues from animals threatened with extinction to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, protecting and restoring vital animal species. Cells stored with Nature’s SAFE remain in a dormant state until thawed when they can be defrosted for direct use in artificial reproductive technologies or, for cell/tissue culture. We envisage a future with multiple satellite living biobanks around the world.

Henry Wag Equine Noodle Glove Towel



The Henry Wag Equine Noodle Glove Towel is made from highly absorbent material that cleans and dries a horse’s coat. This luxurious soft microfibre towel incorporates gloved ends for greater control. The fine fibre technology gently removes water and dirt from the coat, is easy to wash and quick drying. Regular use can reduce the risk of infection in the lower legs.

Horse Oracle Cards



Horse Oracle Cards - a great way to get insight and guidance, and deepen your relationship with your horse. Just shuffle the deck and pick the card you're drawn to! Comes with a box, velvet drawstring bag, and instruction booklet containing expanded meanings for each card, and optional extra exercises.

Buy in December and ask me 2 free questions about your horse!

No-Rinse Horse Wash


Even though it's winter where would we be without no rinse horse washes? Whether it's getting rid of the mud or sweat after a good ride, or just a quick clean up, we think no rinse horse washes are a winner at any time of the year. From £12.99

Please note: this product is sold through affiliate marketing and we might earn a commission if you purchase through the link. Prices may vary.


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