• Christine Keate

Biosecurity blues?

The good news is, that the quarantine restrictions imposed after the serious outbreak of EHV-1 in Europe earlier this year have been lifted. The lesson reinforced is, that swift action is key to controlling an outbreak of any infectious disease. This serves as a timely reminder that whenever an infectious disease is suspected in any individual, taking precautionary steps as soon as possible, is key to limiting the spread and seriousness of the outbreak.

New to The Horse Hub this weekend is the last in a brilliant series on strangles by Helen Whitelegg of Redwings Horse Sanctuary, she describes the best way to manage and reduce the impact of an outbreak and, how to be prepared for such an event. Strangles - and many other infectious equine diseases, do not discriminate which horse or, whose yard they infect. Indeed, I remember HRH The Princess Royal speaking very candidly about an outbreak on her own yard several years ago. Her willingness to speak about her experience and what happened to her horses, went a long way towards reducing the stigma of having strangles on a yard.

So, what can we do? Understanding what good biosecurity measures are and, why having a plan in case of an infectious disease outbreak is vital to minimising risk is a good place to start.

Advising neighbouring yards so that they can take precautionary measures is essentially just common sense and courtesy.

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