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Diseases & Conditions Respiratory

Winter respiratory conditions in horses

Rebecca Watson advises what to do if you horse has a winter respiratory condition During

Diseases & Conditions

What is elephant leg, cellulitis or lymphangitis in horses?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS discusses Elephant leg, cellulite & lymphangitis in horses; and what's going

Diagnostics Featured Hoof Care Lameness Skeletal Soft Tissue

What happens when a horse needs a CT scan?

THH talks to Asto CT about their new standing CT scanner When things go wrong

Diseases & Conditions Featured Nutrition Veterinary

Atypical myopathy

Briony Witherow, discusses the latest advice and research into atypical myopathy Atypical myopathy (also known

Diseases & Conditions News & Research

Redwings strangles quarantine

A positive strangles test has led to quarantine precautions  at Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s Hapton site 

Diseases & Conditions News & Research Veterinary

Vet fees – what are the true costs?

Equine Insurance Broker, SEIB provides cost data on their most frequently claimed for ailments SEIB

Featured Immune System Veterinary

Equine immunology – why do we need to vaccinate horses?

Stuart Davies BVSc MRCVS, explains how and why vaccines for horses work As horse owners

Behaviour Diseases & Conditions Featured Rehab Skeletal

My horse has kissing spines – is surgery the only option?

Edward Busuttil DVM CertAVP PgCertVPS MRCVS looks at the alternatives.

Behaviour Diseases & Conditions Featured Immune System

Headshaking in horses

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, looks at the possible causes of headshaking in horses  Headshaking in

News & Research Skeletal Soft Tissue

RVC research reveals how ageing may contribute to tendon injuries

In an exciting step towards understanding the cells that regulate tendon function and injury, new

Diseases & Conditions News & Research

Fatal risk of sycamore contaminated hay

The British Equine Veterinary Assocation (BEVA), representing horse vets across the UK, is warning farmers

Diseases & Conditions Featured Strangles

Strangles in horses – what happens?

Helen Whitelegg, Senior Campaigns Officer at Redwings, begins a series on strangles in horses and

News & Research Strangles

Celebrity riders support strangles ‘Temp Check Challenge’

Five-star eventer Piggy March, top dressage rider Richard Davison and international showjumper Joe Davison are

Daily Management Diseases & Conditions Featured Veterinary

Sweet itch

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, outlines how to tackle the seasonal misery of sweet itch An

Diseases & Conditions News & Research

Study into common cause of abortion in thoroughbred breeding

Researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have been awarded funding to build on their

Diseases & Conditions News & Research

New cases of EVH reported in Europe

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has issued the following release regarding cases of EHV

Diseases & Conditions Featured Soft Tissue Strangles Wound Care

Understanding Equine Lymphangitis

Rebecca Watson MSc RVN, discusses the causes, treatment and management of this difficult condition  Equine lymphangitis

Daily Management Diseases & Conditions Featured Hoof Care Lameness Nutrition

Laminitis – recognise the risk factors

Anatomy Featured Skeletal

The stifle

Dr Graham Hunter outlines the anatomy of this vital joint A horse’s stifle is a

Diseases & Conditions Featured

Using genetic tests for breeding

Alexia Ross, looks at the value of testing for life-threatening genetic variants when breeding horses

Anatomy Skeletal

The fetlock joint – an overview of equine anatomy

The importance of healthy feet is well recognised for the soundness of our equines but,

Immune System News & Research Respiratory

Do we really need bi-annual flu vaccines for our horses?

Epidemiology experts are advising that now the equine influenza vaccine supply has returned to normal