The horse deconstructed – what is the ideal and how does it affect the horse?

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The stifle

Dr Graham Hunter outlines the anatomy of this vital joint A horse’s stifle is a

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Horse anatomy – the neck

Edward Busuttil DVM, CertAVP, PgCertVPS, MRCVS, gives us an anatomic insight into how stability is

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The fetlock joint – an overview of equine anatomy

The importance of healthy feet is well recognised for the soundness of our equines but,

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Posture vs conformation – in the bones or in the stance?

Chloe Mabbutt, discusses how to assess a horse’s conformation  The difference between posture and conformation is


The equine back

The equine skeleton

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What is locking stifle in horses?

Ed Busuttil explains what happens when the horse's stifle locks The patellar lock mechanism provides

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The horse’s tail

Edward Busuttil asks - is the tail more than just a fly swatter? We have